Davide pensowas born in 1965, in Venice, growing up and working in his studio on Murano. After his studies he decides to dedicate himself to “still life” photography for two years. In ’92, he opens his atelier and begins his journey with glass. Designing and working the material personally, he creates jewels with a contemporary and innovative style from the outset.
The success of his works are found reflected over the years through the international collective and personal exhibitions (Saint Mark’s Civic Museums Correr, Fortuny, Guggenheim of Venice, Corning Museum NY, San Petersburg glass museum, Glass Art museum of Okabe Japan). Collaborations with illustrious names such as Venini, Giorgio Vigna, Nason & Moretti, Pelikan. Trying his experience also in the field of high fashion with collections for major brands. From 2001, he teaches glass lamp-working and jewelry designing , collaborating with Abate Zanetti School of Glass in Murano, and since 2007, is a lecturer for Boston University school visual art, Corning museum studio New York, Glass Furnace Istanbul, Nuutajärvi Glass Village Finland.